The Team

Jasmin J. Bray

Owner + Lead Certified Wedding Planner 

Let me start by saying I was not thrown into event planning by my wedding. I was interested in events long before I met my future husband at UH in the athletic facility. I only thought it was something I enjoyed to do in my spare time; where technology was my real my passion. I hold a degree in Information Technology and just knew I wanted to be a techie just like my mom. I planned to open a technology firm offering boutique like IT solutions for entrepreneurs. Now here you have me a Certified Wedding Planner with the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) utilizing my technology and project management background to help create authentic events inspired by you.

When we work together, you are taking advantage of the many years of education and experience I have obtained with ABC. The expertise of a Certified Wedding Planner, Certified Sandals and Beaches Specialist, access to custom stationery through Carlson Craft, and much more. The event industry is something magical, and if you allow me to share your world, I can open you up to the endless possibilities we can create.

Let’s create a beautiful and memorable experience. Call, text at 832-323-1177 or Email Me.

 Arica Bailey

Associate Planner

I’ve been planning events since I was 16. So I knew many years ago that this industry was a passion of mine. Every year, I ’d be the coordinator to the biggest bash I could have! Ever, since then I’ve been the go-to person to plan anything from my high school, college and now professional events. Of course, parties are still my favorite!

I enjoy all the details involved with coordinating an event and seeing all of those pieces come together.

Fun Fact: I perform full-on shows in the bathroom mirrors as if I’m Beyoncé; choreography and everything!



 Team Assistant – Coming Soon

We are adding to the team!

There are a lot of things that happen in the background in order for your event to be successful. We will be adding a new team member to help with many logistics for you and I to create something magical.