Immersive design planned with experienced guidance.

Creating an event is something that we value and are honored with each family we work with. Not only is an event intended to be purposeful, but it should be well put together and beautiful. We don?t believe in sacrificing one element for the other. We believe that purpose, craft, design, and strategy are all cohesive elements to produce a successful event. Events are so much more than just a celebration or a pretty tabletop; there is flow and moments of connectivity. These elements create the space for you and your guests to be a part of an experience; you?ll carry away with you.?

Jasmin?s background in information technology, project management, and 13 years of event planning experience has resulted in unmatched organizational skills and an array of online planning tools that keeps us organized. We are experts in logistics, coordinating, and quickly smoothing unexpected bumps in the road (sometimes we will laugh about it later). With our teams combined experience paired with our exceptional event professionals, we can always deliver a seamless process.

We want you to feel like you are apart of something unfolding before your eyes.

We want you to be swept away by your current state that you forgot whatever else was going on in the world.

We want you so deep in the moments that you feel like it’s the only thing that matters right then, and at that moment.?

Creating?that experience for you comes from the time, energy and the love we put into planning your event.

We all deserve an event that excites design and arranged to perfection.

from our couples:


On behalf of Dan and I and our parents, thank you. You had two different events to help us with, both of which were unforgettable. God obviously has a plan always, but He for sure did when He allowed us to work with you! Thank you for allowing us to enjoy both events to their full extent. I will absolutely sing your praises to anyone I encounter in the future who may be looking for an event planner.

- Sarah Nondorf