Pricing for these services are available upon request


These items can be added onto a package or booked individually. We can help to find a location to host these events for all sizes, styles, and locations; recommend décor, and any other unique details to create another fabulous event for your wedding weekend.

  • Making salon, manicure, massage appointments for the bride and wedding party
  • Setting up hotel room blocks for guests with discounted rates
  • Coordination of the Engagement Party
  • Design and Coordination of the Rehearsal Dinner
  • Coordination of Next Day Breakfast or Brunch
  • Assembly and Distribution of Welcome Gift Baskets for Out of Town Guests
  • RSVP Follow Up Calls
  • Day after brunch planning
  • Wedding day transportation coordination for wedding guests
  • Coordination of single day, pre-wedding event for guests (i.e. wine tasting, whale watching)
  • Creating a sample table with the centerpiece, linen, glassware, etc.
  • Honeymoon Suite Decorations

Rehearsal Dinner

From finding you the perfect location for your rehearsal dinner to managing all the details, let us make your rehearsal dinner flawless. After a consultation to discuss your budget, ideas, and vision, we will aid in selecting the location, schedule and attend site visits with you. 
You can leave the design and setup to us!

 Venue Search

Finding the perfect location to host your wedding is one of the most challenging parts of planning. You have a particular feel or look in mind and find a match may not be easy. We have a comprehensive list of locations to match you with what you are looking for. After a consultation to discuss your budget, ideas, and vision, we will provide 5-7 locations and schedule and attend site visits with you.

Creative Professional Assistance

Are you struggling to find the perfect photographer, stationer, florist, etc. that offers a particular service? Meets your budget? Is unique? We can help you to find the perfect fit! We will recommend three highly qualified vendors, and arrange appointments for you to visit with them.

$75 per creative professional

$100 per creative professional if we attend the meetings

Additional Assistants

We decide based on the logistics of your day and the size of the wedding how many assistants need to be present at various parts of your wedding day. If request additional help, we will gladly provide more assistance.

$300.00 per assistant